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AUTO ZUST (auto valve controller)
auto valve controller will be installed under chamber or pump scrubber that emit the most toxic gas to prevent accident. Vortex and Venturi principles amplify the amount of air flow and make rapid discharging. Moreover, this product supports cleanup solution of fume, gas in semiconductor line and micro particles in air. All figures, emit condition, temperature, humidity, pressure, air flow, wind velocity, are can be viewed through LCD display and control system in real-time.
more information about PC control system
more information about mobile control system (support IOS)
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Function Quantity Qontent
Air Type Fan Type
TFT COLOR LCD 1 320*240
Pitot Tube
(for temperatur input)
1 Thermocopule K type (±0.1°C )
measurement range -25°C -150°C
Pitot Tube
(for temperatur input)
1 Thermocopule K type (±0.5°C )
measurement range -50°C -200°C
Analog input
(for Dual input)
max 1000mmH20
±0.25 %FSS BFSL
Operation temperature : -40°C -85°C
Compensation temperature : 0°C -50°C
Measured on : Air
Inner board temperature sensor 1 Sensing abnormal temperature of inner board
USB 1 USB B type(support full speed)
Communication Support 1 WIFI 802.11b, RS485, LAN
Relay 1 heater operating
Digital Output 5
inside solenoid valve operating (500mA)
outside solenoid valve operating
Fan operating
support operating current 1A
support Fan flow control
Key button 5 up, down, left, right, enter
Main Power 1 DC24V@1A